Modal Tuning

This a fork of the "Tuning" plugin, featuring Just Intonation, Middle Eastern Maqamat (Makamlar) and a little more window space.
It has dialogs where you can customize your tuning, save it and load it.
(2020-10-24 update)

It is intended to be used to compose Middle Eastern music but probably will also be compatible with some Indian intonations. There is also a "Temperaments" files intended to Western music and just intonation.
And the good news: If anyone uses different tuning systems it's possible to edit the plugin opening the .qml file with a text editor.
Each tuning has an internal name (tuning01, tuning02...) Go to the line where that tuning is specified in numbers that represent the circle of fifths starting on C in cents, change it, scroll down to the line where that tuning is named after an Arabic maqam, change its name and the save. Next time you open Musescore your plugin will be changed!

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