Quarter Tone (24 TET) Tuning

This is a plugin that will detect quarter-tone accidentals and tune the note accordingly. (24 TET)
This is a direct modification of an old 31 TET playback plugin (I left some unnecessary code from 31 TET there that I don't want to touch!), see https://musescore.org/en/project/31-tet-retuning-plugin-musescore-2.
The microtonal accidentals this plugin supports are:
Half-flat (d) (inverted flat symbol) -50 cents
1 and a half flats (db) (inverted flat and normal flat) -150 cents
Half-sharp (+) (sharp with one vertical slash) +50 cents
1 and a half sharps (#+) (sharp with three vertical slashes) +150 cents
To use, highlight the notes you want tuned (or have no selection to select all notes in the score) and start the plugin, then click Retune!
If you want to create a custom key signature for quarter-tones that the plugin will recognize, you can enter one in the window by using the d, b, db, bb, +, #, #+, ##. To change key signatures mid-score, you can add system text that changes the signature using the format .C.D.E.F.G.A.B*, where the note with an asterisk is the accidental symbol you want for that note, for example, F half flat major would be: ".d.d.d.d.d.d.db". and a key signature with B half flatted and F half sharpened would be "....+...d".

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