Ron Cohen

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Forum topic MS4: Pasting lyrics copied from a text file does not work Ron Cohen 4 1 year ago
Issue Can't paste lyrics into tuplet Ron Cohen 16 4 years ago
Forum topic Very slow startup Ron Cohen 14 5 years ago
Forum topic How to respond to a topic on a forum? "Reply" doesn't work Ron Cohen 5 5 years ago
Forum topic Musescore not responding on Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 Robin Lawley 7 5 years ago
Issue Latest Musescore 3.0 Nightlies for Mac will not open: "damaged" Ron Cohen 1 6 years ago
Issue Need a space option in lyrics paste that doesn't advance to new note Ron Cohen 24 6 years ago
Issue fonts are not embedded in the PDF on Mac, leading to much larger files Ron Cohen 24 7 years ago
Issue System/staff spacing not adjusting for lyrics in voices 2, 3, or 4 Ron Cohen 5 7 years ago
Issue spacing of lyrics for multiple verses, and hairpin placement Ron Cohen 13 7 years ago
Issue [Mac] Nightlies crash on start Ron Cohen 53 7 years ago
Issue Error in moving multiple dynamics marks Ron Cohen 7 8 years ago
Issue MusicXML export doesn't capture underscore in lyrics Ron Cohen 8 8 years ago
Issue [Musicxml import] crash if notations on rest Ron Cohen 8 8 years ago
Issue Corruption pasting into a sequence that ends in the middle of a tuplet Ron Cohen 10 9 years ago
Issue transpose notes diatonically using arrow keys Ron Cohen 3 9 years ago
Issue convert sequence of eighth notes into triplet Ron Cohen 0 9 years ago
Issue Print -> pdf -> save as postscript not working Ron Cohen 6 9 years ago
Issue Spurious rendering of scores outside of music window Ron Cohen 11 9 years ago
Issue Saving score with some instruments suppressed and multimeasure rests messes up score Ron Cohen 4 9 years ago
Issue Score saved in a MuseScore nightly causes a newer nightly to quit unexpectedly Ron Cohen 12 9 years ago
Forum topic Strange bug in MusicXML import from Finale Ron Cohen 1 9 years ago
Issue Recent MuseScore Nightlies won't open on Mac OS 10.9.x Ron Cohen 10 10 years ago
Issue beaming across barline not working under needed circumstance Ron Cohen 1 11 years ago
Issue multi-bar rest not working properly inside repeated section with volta Ron Cohen 5 11 years ago