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Issue Video player for making scores for film KoRnKloWn 18 1 year ago
Issue Add license wizard for to promote Creative Commons based licenses Thomas 3 2 years ago
Issue Crescendo/decrescendo playback Tato 37 2 years ago
Project Crescendo or Diminuendo Note Velocities KoRnKloWn 0 2 years ago
Forum topic Musescore 1.1 in Ubuntu? pdro74 39 5 years ago
Forum topic Video Player Plugin KoRnKloWn 27 6 years ago
Forum topic Would like to write a Creative Commons generating plugin KoRnKloWn 11 6 years ago
Project Creative Commons License Generator KoRnKloWn 0 6 years ago
Forum topic Trying to write a crescendo/diminuendo plugin KoRnKloWn 21 6 years ago
Forum topic allow tied notes CVZ 6 6 years ago
Forum topic Video/Media Player in Musescore Gabriel H 15 6 years ago