GSoC 2017: Accessibility - Week 12

Posted 5 years ago

This is the last weekly report for GSoC. This week, I worked on setting palette shortcuts, as well as on template navigation.

Key accomplishments

  • Solved the issue of duplicate palette cell names:
    Previously, setting a shortcut for a palette cell which did not have a unique name was not reflected properly in the palette shortcut manager. This was because I was identifying a particular palette cell in a list using the name (none of the other members are unique, and pointer comparisons don't work because the values change when the cells get redrawn). This resulted in the palette shortcut manager displaying the shortcut for a different palette cell, which had the same name. This problem is now solved, by creating the list of palette cell descriptions (which has shortcut information for each palette cell) as the palette cells are being created. The index of a cell description in the list is stored in a new member of the palette cell struct, called idx. The idx is used to look up a particular palette cell description in the list and set the shortcut.

  • Fixed the delayed response of palette shortcuts:
    After changes were made to the palette shortcut code, the shortcuts had a delayed response. I fixed this by preventing the same palette shortcut from being registered multiple times.

  • Made changes to the palette shortcut manager:
    I removed the extra fields in the palette shortcut manager. Also, the palette shortcut manager now has a list of palette cells in the current workspace, instead of a list of palette cells in the master palette.

  • Fixed shortcut conflict detection:
    Previously, conflicts with other palette shortcuts were not being detected. I made some changes, and now the shortcut conflict detection works as expected.

  • Fixed bug in template navigation when tab is used, also made the new score wizard buttons accessible using tab:
    I disabled the default behavior of tab, by adding a case for the tab key in the keyPressEvent function. Now, using tab does not interfere with template navigation, and the buttons of the new score wizard can be reached using tab. I have also made the buttons accessible using Shift+tab, but there is a slight problem with this, which I will work on in the coming week.

  • Fixed a bug in the start center, which resulted in the start center restarting on completion

Key tasks that stalled

No tasks stalled this week.

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Clean up the palette shortcut and template navigation code