GSoC 2017: Accessibility - Week 10

Posted 5 years ago

This week I worked on making the key signature palette in the new score wizard navigable. I also worked on the navigation of the master palette.

Key accomplishments

  • Palette navigation has been merged:
    The palette navigation code has been merged. Feedback on this would be welcome.

  • New score wizard, master palette:
    The work on making the key signature palette accessible is complete. The master palette is also navigable now. Currently, these are two separate branches. I will shift the master palette navigation code to the new score wizard branch to avoid duplication of code.

  • Palette shortcut:
    I added a button for the palette shortcut manager in Edit/Preferences/Shortcuts.
    I also fixed a bug, caused when workspaces are toggled between Basic and Advanced. The palette shortcuts in the basic workspace stopped working when the workspace was changed from basic to advanced and back to basic. I modified the way workspaces are read, and it works fine now.

Key tasks that stalled

  • Palette shortcuts:
    I had to work on the new score wizard and master palette this week in addition to working on the palette shortcut branch. Also, there is the problem of uniquely identifying palette cell elements. This is needed in order to update the shortcut in the palette shortcut branch when a shortcut is set using the context menu or the shortcut command.

Tasks for the upcoming week

  • Combine the new score wizard and master palette navigation code
  • Make the palette shortcut manager show the updated shortcuts


Hi! Thanks so much for your hard work on MuseScore. I'm having trouble figuring out the accessibility of the key signature pallet. Is it truly accessible, or is this coming in a future implementation. Thanks!