Release notes for MuseScore 3 Beta Update (December 7, 2018)

Updated 4 years ago
Build number Date Announcement
MacOS 10.12+:, Windows:, AppImage: 3.0.0 (revision: 2b25396) 07.12.2018
MacOS 10.7-10.11: (revision: e96bb91) 08.12.2018



  • New mixer UI
  • Save Online fully functional
  • More intelligent autoplacement
  • Improved import of scores from older versions
  • Improved font processing on Windows
  • Staff names reflect mid-score instrument changes
  • Added items to Tools menu to access commands for deleting, splitting, and joining measures


  • Many crashes fixed!
  • Bugs in autoplacement
  • Bugs in text styles
  • Bugs in undo/redo operations
  • Bugs in page layout
  • Bugs in layout of chord symbols, ties, slurs, lines, glissandi, and more
  • Bugs in linked staves
  • Bugs involving "jumping" score view
  • Bugs in tuplet selection
  • Bugs in editing multimeasure rests
  • Bugs in transposition
  • Bugs in timewise delete command
  • Bugs in implode/explode commands
  • Bugs in images and image capture
  • Bugs in swing playback

Complete list of issues resolved

Here is a complete list of the issues resolved in this update:


  • #278526: Crash on "split staff" operation
  • #278853: Crash trying to copy tuplet across barline
  • #278874: Open Format -> Style leads to crash
  • #278499: Crash on change sound for channel added via instrument change
  • #279386: Crash when pasting measures if number > to the last mm rest
  • #279456: Segfault when selecting multi-measure rest and applying section break
  • #279386: Crash when pasting measures if number > to the last mm rest
  • #278866: Staff type change leads to crash
  • #276978: [GP] crash during open .gpx file
  • #276667: [GP] Crash on layout of harmony belonging to fret diagram
  • #269927: [MusicXML import] crash when importing file with fermata
  • #87241: Persistent bug when changing Instrument names - crashes and wipes savedfile
  • #275133: Crash when entering notes after swap with clipboard and undo
  • #224031: Crash by undoing the removal failure of the repeats palette symbols separating multimeasure rests
  • #279064: Crash saving score with system divider selected
  • #279369: Crash on undoing of cutting a multiline text
  • #279172: Crash opening score that works in version 2
  • #276227: MusicXML import causes corruption, attempts to fix causes crash
  • #279063: Crescendos display under single note when they end at a system break, crash on edit
  • fix multiple crashes when accessing menus and UI on MacOSX 10.14

Corruptions and loss of data

  • #279099: Dotted tuplet has incorrect duration after save/reload
  • #279175: Chord symbols entered into score not parsed in parts
  • #279252: Edits to chord symbols not linked
  • #279351: Funny notes after Implode and switching to Written Pitch
  • #279280: Setting to a tempo text to be not bold is not saved
  • #248891: Chord symbols transposed incorrectly between concert score & transposed parts
  • #279215: Time wise delete causes corruption in measures with measure rest
  • #279077: Align verse numbers is lost after closing score

Layout and automatic placement

  • #277956: Extra initial clef in scores imported from 2.x
  • #277995: Tempo markings are out of position
  • #277721: Dashes and melismas not displayed in continuous view
  • #276164: Elements ignored by autoplace algorithm
  • #277358: Layout of figured bass is broken
  • #278039: Parentheses (from Master palette > Symbols) reset to default positions or lost altogether
  • #278057: "Hide empty staves" hides non-empty staves when first measure is empty
  • #277666: Space for instrument name of hidden staff is reserved
  • #278471: Fingering is shown in tablature even when "Show fingering" is OFF
  • #279240: Systems can overlap (by same amount that staves don't)
  • #278896: Invisible system text should not break multi-measure rests
  • #279259: Chord symbol spacing issues
  • #279176: Removing check from line visible has no effect
  • #122561: Tablature rests are not visible, then badly positioned
  • #276566: [Windows] underline too close to (lyrics) letters
  • #278783: Parts of score fall off page or are shown twice after adjusting stretch
  • #279220: Chord symbols overlap barlines
  • #278907: First note of measure placed way too close to system header, if note is above staff
  • #88861: Option for editing abbreviated staff names in instrument changes
  • #279176: Removing check from line visible has no effect
  • #278940: Glissando line gets squashed horizontally
  • #279415: Winged repeats at bottom of barline span if last staff invisible
  • #279292: Slurs and Ties: Autoplace minimum distance has no effect
  • #279484: Entering note in pickup measure displays before clef
  • #278916: Numbers only option has no effect on ottava display
  • #278912: Style not passed to trill lines
  • #278937: Hairpin: vertical offset has changed dramatically, horizontal offset less so
  • #277706: Text lines: manually-adjusted "Vertical offset" has been lost
  • #278366: Slides: user positions set in 2.x are lost
  • #278314: Tremolo positioned incorrectly for small chords
  • fix chord stem width for scaled staves
  • #278862: Chord symbol collisions not handled well
  • #277367: invisible notes and rests remain part of the skyline
  • #277705: Chord symbols: "Default vertical position" has been lost
  • #278038: System collisions
  • #277759: Chord symbols sometimes add (much) too much space to measure
  • Improved hyphen horizontal spacing


  • #278752: Add tied note by keyboard fails when notes are already present
  • #278383: images can't be moved with mouse
  • #278979: Issue in step-time mode
  • #276497: Image capture: artefacts when selecting tablature
  • #279009: Cut text within staff text hangs program; copy/paste doesn't work
  • #278943: Can't copy tuplet to last beat of measure
  • #34426: Copy paste issue with lyrics and TAB
  • fix slurs editing and offset
  • #278118: Images can't be add to measures or remains sticked in frames


  • #276716: Instrumentation not showing in continuous view
  • fix handling of custom formatted text and values in inspector
  • #278031: Note entry highlighter doesn't move when switching from Continuous view to Page View
  • Tours being not shown on closing start center via F4 shortcut
  • #277710: text line symbol in lines palette isn't displayed properly
  • #278873: GUI preferences with custom workspace not saving/loading after change
  • #19185: 'Professional' range for instrument 'Alto recorder' is incorrect
  • #279073: Chord symbols entered on pages >1 do not appear while typing
  • #279165: Fingering palette: correction
  • #279067: Format/Style... System tab Brace settings have no units
  • #276135: Right mouse click shouldn't open context menu in Note Input mode
  • #278230: Looking at staff properties changes clef of instruments with multiple staves
  • #278971: [MacOSX] Help/Revert to factory settings is missing
  • #278967: Mac: Factory reset alert when accessing preferences (German localisation)
  • #276668: missing entry "Swing" in Palette "text"
  • #278949: Orchestral template names need to be clearer
  • #278968: Mixer Volume Slider glitch
  • #114366, #279389, #278051: Add "Delete Selected Measures" command to context menu
  • #279432: Right-click menu on palette items seems dead
  • #277723: Paste in page view jumps to top of page
  • #279465: Selection extends beyond intended tuplet element
  • #279429: Inspector: need to embolden section headings
  • #278320: Tablature staves reported as standard in Instruments dialog
  • #278894: Provide button to hide detail area in mixer


  • #278860: Jazz templates outdated
  • #279303: Update chord symbol style defaults
  • #278948: Concert pitch is on by default for template Classical Orchestra
  • #278897: High CPU load while the mixer is open
  • #279023: "Save online" doesn't work
  • #279499: Cannot cancel MP3 export
  • update Bravura font to 1.272
  • update to Qt 5.12 (so far for Mac only, with the bad side effect that it no longer runs on macOS <10.12)