MuseScore roadmap

最終更新は 3 年前

MuseScore 3


3.6.2 released.


We expect a few patch releases providing bugfixes to the 3.x branch whilst MS4 development is ongoing.


There is no intention to create a 3.7 release. New features must be developed against MS4

MuseScore 4

Main goals:
* UX improvements
* modularisation of code

Basically, normal improvements are expected to libmscore and import/export modules. All other modules are subject to architectural refactoring.

From nightly to release

Patch releases are usually jump straight from nightly to final release. Minor and major releases follow the stadia listed below:


Automatic builds per commit/PR. Anything goes and anything may break (but shouldn't of course ;-) )


Tech-preview release. Stability is not guaranteed. Allows testing of new features by a broader audience.
A minor release may have an alpha release if it packs big new features.
A major release can have multiple alpha releases to tease ongoing development progress


Test release. Should be fairly stable. At this point some "must have/fix" issues have been identified and most should be included in this release.
From now on, only bugfixes and low-risk features will be eligible for inclusion. Bugfixes that don't address a "must fix" issue should also be quite low-risk; otherwise they will be pushed out to the next (patch) release

Release Candidate

Meant for broad testing.
Only required if changes have been made since Beta. Expected to be stable. At this point only critical bugfixes are still allowed

Final Release

RC + eventual critical bugfixes