How to write the lyrics on the music scores

• 2019년 12월 9일 - 09:09

Dear sir,

This is NJ Kim.
I am using musescore profram with many thanks.
But I receintly feel some more needs when using this program. It's wording on scores.
If I solve this problem I may get perfect scores for my playing saxophone.
Would you please lead me to solve my difficukties?
My question is as follows;
Is there any way to input the word(lyrics) into scores?
I cluldn't find the way to do it untill now.
Should I save the word by special format brfore inporting the word into score?
If yes, how should I do it?
And would youplease let me know how I can inporting the woed into scores.

Thanks and best regards,
NJ Kim


I am also a beginner to use MuseScore.
As I know within my knowledge, you should start to type word by word at every note by clicking a note and press "ctr.key+L". Then you can type word by word by pressing "space bar" after a word.

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