Issues for MuseScore (deprecated)

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Title Status Sort ascending Priority Version Replies Last updated
Tuba sounds GitHub issue 4.0 2 1년
Cannot adjust note velocity in Musescore 4 GitHub issue 4.0 9 10개월
Audio Output does not change when program is open GitHub issue 4.0 1 1년
Repeat last 2/4 measure not working properly in playback GitHub issue 4.0 3 1년
Delay on opening Format- Style Option GitHub issue 4.0 5 6개월
Edit->Preferences->Shortcuts doesn't allow multi-key shortcuts. GitHub issue 4.0 3 1년
You can't repeat a note if it's been tied MuseScore4 GitHub issue 4.0 12 1년
Yamaha XF MIDI FILE format export GitHub issue 3.6 2 1년
[EPIC] Requires MAJOR version bump GitHub issue 3 4개월
2 Bar Repeat doesn't work GitHub issue 4.0 4 8개월
The loop playback doesn't play until the end of a measure of which the last "note/rest" is a rest GitHub issue 3.6 8 6개월
Count-in missing in menu/toolbar GitHub issue 4.0 10 1년
"Let Ring" does not work at all with the Muse Sounds - and does not sustain more than approx 1 second with the MS basic sounds GitHub issue 4.0 5 한 달
Text such as "distort" and "overdrive" ignores ties on Electric Guitar in MS4 GitHub issue 4.0 9 2개월
Muses Sounds Contrabassoon Range GitHub issue 4.x-dev 3 1년
Tuplet bracket & number aren't included within range selection GitHub issue 3.6 4 7개월
Capo Playback Bug GitHub issue 4.x-dev 4 1년
no UI option to reset shouldAskSaveLocationType, thus unable to save locally GitHub issue 4.0 7 1년
Parts missing dynamics. In particular hairpins. GitHub issue 4.0 6 9개월
Does not play hidden staffs (intentionally hidden via instruments) when playing the whole score GitHub issue 4.x-dev 3 1년
Copy/Pasting lyrics inserts "<font" instead of copied lyrics from another note (and will not replace selected text) GitHub issue 4.0 4 1년
A tie won't play GitHub issue 4.0 12 11개월
Caesuras broken & unusable in playback GitHub issue 4.0 2 1년
Count-in feature is missing in Musescore 4 GitHub issue 4.0 6 7개월
Bends not functioning GitHub issue 4.0 14 6개월