MuseScore Tour - Share and Print Your Score

MuseScore makes it easy to get your score on paper, but just as importantly for the 21st century musician, MuseScore provides great facilities for sharing scores electronically

On Your Computer

MuseScore is a WYSIWYG program, so if it looks good on screen, it will look even better on paper. You can print directly from the program, or you can export to PDF and to the PNG and SVG graphic formats. And make no mistake: the quality of the output from MuseScore is every bit as good as that from the expensive commercial programs. Click the excerpt below for a sample PDF file generated by MuseScore.

sample score

text document

The image capture feature allows you to easily create graphic files to facilitate insertion into word processing or other documents. There is also an extension to automate the process even further when using the open source word processors LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice.

MuseScore can import from and export to the MusicXML format, which allows scores to be shared between different notation programs. So if you have already created scores in Finale or Sibelius, you can export to MusicXML from there, then import into MuseScore and continue working on it with your notes and most markings intact. And you can also export to MusicXML from MuseScore so your scores can be accessed by people who use other programs. MuseScore also imports and exports MIDI. And because MuseScore is open source, people often contribute converters to and/or from other specialty formats (eg, ABC, Guitar Pro, Capella, Band-in-a-Box, Impro-Visor). In fact, MuseScore may well be the most well-connected music notation program ever!


The most exciting sharing facility provided by MuseScore is the score sharing web site. Create an account there and you can upload your scores directly to their server, which then allows others to view, play, print, or download your score. A full set of social networking tools are provided, allowing you to share scores on just as you might share picture audio on SoundCloud, pictures on Flickr, or videos on YouTube. One of the coolest features of is that your score automatically animates when it plays back, so viewers can follow along more easily. You can even embed the animated score in other web sites, like this:


The site also allows you to synchronize your score with a YouTube video, so you can have an animated score follow along with any recorded performance. Click the image at right to see this feature in action.



If you have a tablet or smartphone, check out the free MuseScore app for iOS or Android devices, to download and display your scores from

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