Onmogelijk 1 enkele notenbalk te selecteren in piano muziek

• 14 Jul 2018 - 18:45

OS: Mac OS X Lion (10.7), Arch.: x86_64,
MuseScore version (64-bit): 2.2.1, revision: 51b8386

Ik ben bezig muziekstuk te bewerken. De basis is geconverteerd van pdf naar mscz via de MuseScore website. Nu wil een paar voorslagnootjes in maken, maar als ik in de lage notenbalk een noot selecteer en voorslagnootjes toevoeg komen ze te staan in de hoge balk:


Na dubbelklik in het palet siernoten:


Ik heb uitgevonden dat als ik de hele maat wil selecteren de bovenste balk mee wordt geselecteerd:


Als ik datzelfde doe in de volgende maat gaat 't wel goed:


Wat is hier verkeerd, en hoe kan ik dit oplossen?


The import tool often gets confused and puts notes in the wrong staff. If you click the note, you will see it is actually in the top staff, but moved to the lower staff using cross-staff notation. You do have the option of using ctrl+shift+down arrow to move the grace note to the lower staff.

De importtool raakt vaak in de war en zet aantekeningen in het verkeerde personeel. Als u op de notitie klikt, ziet u dat deze zich daadwerkelijk in het bovenste gedeelte van het personeel bevindt, maar verplaatst naar het lagere personeel met behulp van de staffunctie. Je hebt de optie om ctrl + shift + pijl naar beneden te gebruiken om de grace-noot naar het lagere personeel te verplaatsen.

Als antwoord op van mike320

OK, this makes the problem less visible.. What I tried also is deleting the note, but when I wanted to re-enter it in the correct (lower) staff, there was no rest to select, and it seems impossible to add notes in the first voice in the lower staff. This is weird because I read in the manual that rests in the first voice can not be deleted (OK, they can be made invisible, but then they are still visible (greyed out) while updating).
So, in fact this doesn't solve the problem. but solves the symptom.
Is there someone out there who knows how to solve the underlaying problem?

Als antwoord op van mike320

I made the situation a little more clear by saving uncompressed. Then removing all 1 and -1 statements with a text editor. I would like to have a way to do this, and at the same time move the note over to the staff where the were displayed in the first time. Is there a clever way to do this?

Als antwoord op van Rob Jasper

I suspect the problem is that some of the voice 1 notes in the second staff are moved to the first staff also. Like I said before, the import tool gets confused sometimes. If you select one entire staff (select the first measure and press ctrl+sift+end) all of the items actually in that staff will be colored in both staves. You will probably see them randomly moved between the two staves. Everything else is entered into the other staff. The easiest way to move this, since I don't know which notes are in which staff, is to use the selection filter (F6) to select only the necessary voices, dynamics etc... and then copy from one staff, swap with clipboard (ctrl+shift+x) on the other and paste to the first. This will completely swap the notes in the selected voice(s) in the two staves. When you are talking only a whole note here and there, it is probably easier to enter the notes yourself. If there are long runs of notes, the swap method described above is faster.

Als antwoord op van mike320

thank you for thinking with me how to resolve the problem. Along the lines of your suggestion I created some extra temporary staffs. Then, using selection 'same voice, same staff' cut/paste into the tmp staff. This way I also discovered that in some places a 3rd stem was created. Anyway, I have the majority OK now, so it is now a task of checking/correcting the results.
Again, thanks for the help and suggestions.

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