writing an octave higher

• 9 Sep 2019 - 19:24

I'm currently transcribing some stuff from guitar to xylophone, but in it's really low and quite hard to read. Is ther anyway to write it automatically two octaves higher without doing it note per note?

PS: I know my english isn't that good but I hope you understand;


This is the Dutch forum and Dutch is actually the preferred language. Since I don't speak Dutch I'll answer you in English rather than using a translator as usual.

Enter the notes on the guitar. Once you are done with that, right click the stave, choose stave/part properties and click the change instruments button to change it to xylophone. Finally select the entire staff (select the first note the press ctrl+shift+right+end) and press ctrl+up arrow 2 times to raise all notes 2 octaves.

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