Bug with MIDI Input?

• 9 Aug 2020 - 13:45

I am having trouble with MIDI Input. When I launch MuseScore, I can input only one note and after that, the application stops responding to MIDI. I found out that when I do Preferences -> I/O -> Restart audio and MIDI Devices, I can input one note again, but after that, it again stops working.
(By the way, I also noticed that my choice in Preferences -> I/O -> MIDI Input isn't saved when I close the preferences window by clicking OK.)

I'm afraid that this is a problem of MuseScore. The problem occurs with all my MIDI Devices: a physical MIDI keyboard and some virtual/inter-app devices.
With other music applications (Logic Pro, Dorico, Finale, Sibelius), MIDI works fine on my computer.

Does anybody else also experience things like this? What is the procedure for reporting/fixing issues like this?


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