• jun 21, 2021 - 23:09

I just got to know StaffPad from the Muse Group, to which MuseScore also belongs. I must say I'm shocked with what I saw. I'm seriously thinking about buying a stylus touch tablet (or whatever they call it), to write music with my own handwriting and see it immediately become beautiful print score.

Now my question is: Isn't StaffPad going to debunk MuseScore? It seems to have all the features for becoming a stand-alone, fully featured score creation app, including beautifully crafted playback sounds.

I would love to be wrong in my assumption, since I just love MuseScore and the way it works. Can anyone from the MS developer's team tell me wrong? I'm anxious to hear from you guys.


Este é o fórum em português. Já que você domina o idioma de Shakespeare, sugiro postar no English forum, que é muito mais povoado.

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