Drumset customization

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    You can customize the notation of instruments inside the "drumset" Musescore Instrument using the Edit drumset dialog and
    To customize percussion staff, see Staff/Part properties and chapters under Idiomatic notation: Percussion.

    Edit drumset dialog can be opened in note input mode from the Drum input palette by clicking on the Edit drumset button (bottom left of the program window). Alternatively, in normal mode, right-click on the percussion staff and select Edit drumset...

    Edit drumset dialog

    On the left is a list of available percussion instruments. You can put these in MIDI number order by clicking on the "No." heading; this automatically shows them in note order as well. Clicking again puts the list in reverse order.

    The right of the dialog shows you how the selected instrument is displayed on the percussion staff: its name, position, notehead type and note-stem direction.

    Any changes made here are automatically saved in the parent MuseScore file (after pressing OK). You can also save the drumset independently as a drumset file.

    [the following is a work in progress, "major percussion overhaul" is upcoming https://musescore.org/en/node/354177 , in the meantime see Musescore 3 handbook Drum notation, feature is still identical in Musescore 4.1.1 ]

    Customizing a drumset definition

    Selecting a sound

    • info on GM drum sounds
    • how much of this is relevant for VST?

    Defining the note



    Other properties

    Saving and loading drumset definitions