I cannot update my application and package today!

• 2019年11月1日 14:15

I'm a user of Musescore from China, you may know that China has banned a lot of foreign website but thankfully the musescore is still alive.
That's not the point. Today I opened my musescore and noticed that there was an inform of update. I rushed tapping on the button and it started to download. However, after about downloading 15 mb, the download was cut off and I had to start it again. But the same problem came up. I tried to restart the application and my computer even the rooter, and changed the time for downloading but none of these worked.
So I went to the official site and download a new completed package and reinstalled it on my computer. I download it perfectly with the speed that should be in my room. Then I opened it and received an inform of updating the package. And you know that in the center of resource and language things didn't work either.
I hope you guys can provide me with a solution or fix the bug. Thanks a lot.




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