Mode d'edició

Updated 10 years ago
These are old instructions for MuseScore 1
For MuseScore 3 users, see Edit mode

Many elements in the score can be edited in Edit Mode :

  • Double Click: Starts Edit Mode
  • Escape: Ends Edit Mode

Some elements show handles in edit mode which can be moved by mouse dragging or keyboard commands.

Slur in Edit Mode:

Sample slur in Edit Mode

Available keyboard commands:

  • Left: Moves handle left one Space
  • Right: Moves handle right one Space
  • Up: Moves handle up one Space
  • Down: Moves handle down one Space
  • Ctrl+Left (Mac: +Left): Moves handle left 0.1 Space
  • Ctrl+Right (Mac: +Right): Moves handle right 0.1 Space
  • Ctrl+Up (Mac: +Up): Moves handle up 0.1 Space
  • Ctrl+Down (Mac: +Down): Moves handle down 0.1 Space
  • Shift+Left: Moves handle's tick anchor left
  • Shift+Right: Moves handle's tick anchor right
  • Tab: Goes to next handle

See also: Text editing , Slur , Bracket , Lines