Edició de textes

Updated 9 years ago
These are old instructions for MuseScore 1
For MuseScore 3 users, see Text editing

Double click on text to enter edit mode:
Sample text in edit mode

In text edit mode the following commands are available:

  • Ctrl+B (Mac: +B) toggles bold face
  • Ctrl+I (Mac: +I) toggles italic
  • Ctrl+U (Mac: +U) toggles underline
  • Up start superscript or end subscript if in subscript mode
  • Down start subscript or end superscript if in superscript mode
  • move cursor: Home End Left Right
  • Backspace remove character to the left of the cursor
  • Delete remove character to the right of the cursor
  • Return start new line
  • F2 Show text palette. The text palette can be used to enter special characters and symbols.

Text palette:
The text palette contains methods for changing text alignment, style, size, and font, plus buttons for inserting symbols into the text such as a quarter note or special characters such as a copyright symbol or accented letters.

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