Noms d'acord

Updated 1 month ago
These are old instructions for MuseScore 1
For MuseScore 3 users, see Chord symbols

Chord names can be entered by first selecting a note and then pressing Ctrl+K. This creates a chord name text object for the selected chord.

  • Type Space to move to the next chord.
  • Shift+Space moves to the previous chord.
  • Ctrl+Space enters a space into the chord name text.

Chord names can be text editing as normal text. To add a sharp type # and to add a flat type b. These characters will automatically turn into proper sharp or flat signs when you move to the next chord.

Jazz font

If you prefer a more handwritten appearance to the chord names in your score then versions 0.9.5 and later include this option.

Chord names have a handwritten appearance

  1. From the main menu choose StyleEdit Style...
  2. From the left pane select Chord names
  3. In the right pane replace the text chords.xml with jazzchords.xml