Updated 5 years ago
These are old instructions for MuseScore 1
For MuseScore 3 users, see Lyrics
  1. First enter notes
  2. Select first note
  3. Type Ctrl+L and enter lyrics text for first note
  4. Type Space at end of word to go next note
  5. Type an hyphen - at end of syllable to go to next note. The syllables are connected with a dash
  6. Shift+Space moves to the previous note

Sample lyrics:A-des-te fi-del-es

Syllables can be extended by an underline:
Syllable extension line

Entered with: soul, _ _ _ To Esc.

Special characters

Lyrics can be text editing as normal text with the exception of a few characters. If you want to add a space, hyphen or underscore to a single syllable then use the following shortcuts.

  • Ctrl+Space (Mac: +Space) enters a space into the lyrics text
  • Ctrl+- (Mac: +-) enters a hyphen (-) into the lyrics text
  • Mac only: +_ enters an underscore (_) into the lyrics text

See also: Text , Chord name .