Updated 9 years ago
These are old instructions for MuseScore 1
For MuseScore 3 users, see Tempo

Play back tempo can be changed via the play panel or via tempo text in the score.

Play panel

  • Display the play panel: DisplayPlay Panel
  • Change the Beats per Minute (bpm) using the Tempo (Tmp) slider

Tempo text

  • Select a note to indicate where the tempo text should be created
  • From the main menu: CreateText...Tempo...
  • Press OK to finish

Note that in versions 0.9.3 or earlier it is not possible to change the tempo text or BPM from the initial Tempo Text dialog. However you can change both of these after you add a tempo text to the score.

Existing tempo text can be changed by double clicking the text to enter edit mode. You can use the text editing to add a quarter note or another duration for a metronome mark in the tempo text.
Metronome mark: Andante quarter note = 75

Beats per minute (BPM) on existing tempo text can be adjusted by right clicking on the text and selecting Tempo Properties...

Note: Tempo text in the score overrides a tempo setting in the play panel.