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• květen 26, 2021 - 15:03

Hello anybody
I have problem:

File "/home/jirka/Dokumenty/MuseScore3/Notové zápisy/H2.mscz" corrupted.

Measure 426, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 2/4; Found: 9/16
Measure 436, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 55/32

But file has only 273 measures (the file is included).

Sometimes I find similar warning - but usually I can find the measure. Than I try to correct improvising, as I can. Would be possible, that with this message the program has a window with relevant correction tools (maybe low - hard level), that shows the corrupted measures?

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H2.mscz 926.27 KB


Now I can find the measure using pianorol (MIDI editor). Measure numbering in pianoroll corresponds to the load error. But when I correct the measute -- delete it and manually, save , close, open (fithout load error) and write manualy the notes again, something in the program generates nonsensual rhytmes (pauses). It seems to be a bug.

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Please, is there anybody that can tell almost that does not know, how to solve it at least?

I include the H2 version now, that works. If I delete music in H2(1) in problematic measures, save, close and reopen, all works. But if I copy the right hand of a harp the same staves from the older version (that has no problems -- the measures 191 .. 193) to the place in the new version (H2(1staves 207 .. 209), the corruption occures again.

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H2.mscz 926.45 KB

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Sorry there is something confusing with link "add a notice", I pressed. I thought, it is only to the original issue report. So the original issue is about the file with name H2(1) but here is with name H2. Today I added older version vith name H2. So even if both files have the same name, the file from today is old version, that has no corruption problem. And the user of original isuue is me, even if username is a little different and there is the new version, that has the coruuption and the coruuption is not possible to corect.

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