Repeat sign

• mar 11, 2019 - 15:06

How can I place a repeat sign on a bar line between two bars, so it covers two repeating measures?


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Thank you, Mike. I have tried to follow the instructions in the link, unfortunately without success.
Already point 2. caused a headache, because I could not find "Join Measures" in "Edit". After a while I found out, that this option is to be found in "Tools" instead of.
But with point 8. I finally had to give up. I have MuseScore 3, and in my symbols palette I simply could not find the "Double Repeat-Measure sign", which I was supposed to "add between measures 3 & 4".
The whole operation seems unnecessarily complicated anyhow. It should be an easy operation to insert a repeat sign for 2 bars. I hope that this will eventually be fixed with an update.
But thanks anyhow. You've done what you could 👍

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I didn't even give thought to the changes necessary to make version 3 work properly. You have pointed out the Join Measures is now under the Tools menu. The other thing that will help is that you need to remove the check from "Automatic placement" for the repeat symbol in the inspector. This will allow you to move the symbol to the barline, which is impossible while automatic placement is checked.

Try these two changes and see if that fixes your problems.

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