Release notes for MuseScore 3.1 Release Candidate (May 23, 2019)

Updated 4 years ago
Build number Date Announcement
macOS 10.12+:, Windows 7+ 64-bit:, Windows 7+ 32-bit:, AppImage: 3.1.0. (revision: 8b1a7dc4) 2019-05-23


  • Elements can be moved freely while still participating in automatic placement


  • Playback starts immediately on large scores
  • Continuous view performance was significantly improved
  • Layout of scores imported from MuseScore 2 is now preserved more faithfully
  • Size and usability of Play Panel is now improved
  • Added chord symbol support for fret diagrams


  • System position calculations allocated too much space
  • Courtesy clefs and key signatures were positioned incorrectly around repeat barlines
  • Cross-staff notation was incorrect in some cases
  • Barline spanning was wrong in some cases
  • Elements were not scaled correctly on small staves
  • Invisible staves affected layout
  • Side panels became undockable after being undocked and closed once
  • Piano keyboard display didn't update when adding accidental using toolbar or palette
  • Could not add proper slur to grace notes when there were more than one

Complete list of issues resolved

The scope of the changes in MuseScore 3.1 Release Candidate includes changes mentioned in MuseScore 3.1 Beta and MuseScore 3.1 Beta Update except the following ones:

  • #68456: Bends are out of tune
  • Solo the instruments lying behind selected measures if any

These will be revisited for a later release.

Here is a complete list of the issues resolved in this update:


  • Playback starts immediately when working with large scores
  • #288333: Different dynamics on piano staves don't work with specific synthesizer configuration
  • #289298: Score plays fine in 3.0, 3.1, fails online
  • #276344: Zerberus Channel increase

Layout and automatic placement

  • #278999: Need option to completely disable Auto Placement
  • #288993: Stems and articulations added to skyline incorrectly for cross-staff notes
  • #288976: Bug: Stems too long when line distance increased on staffs with less than five lines
  • #284461: Line Issue - Hooks on diagonal lines are skewed
  • #287484: Lines ignoring Placement and/or Offset style settings
  • #287723: Right-aligned rehearsal marks should align to barline
  • #186111: Rehearsal marks are incorrectly positioned in case of repeat barline
  • #285361: Footer: add 5mm Y-offset to place within margin
  • #285467: System distance unequal when system heights differ
  • #288207: Spacing cramped before repeat-start
  • #289241: Hairpin with above placement moved onto staff jumps back on next layout
  • #289498: Bad layout of beam in presence of cross-staff beam in another voice
  • #289492: Bad layout of slurs in presence of cross-staff beams
  • #289501: Turning off auto placement globally remove leading space in measures
  • #289502: Edits after first system cause additional space to accumulate between systems
  • #289148: Lyrics with manual adjustments not imported consistently
  • #288704: Cross staff trill bug
  • #288655: Natural trill
  • #287617: Double barlines span to next staff when instrument inserted
  • #279980: Place Rehearsal Marks over barlines
  • #288162: "Style -> Bar -> Note left margin" Not working properly with accidental in invisible staff
  • #279415: Winged repeats at bottom of barline span if last staff invisible
  • #288283: Barlines Refused to Stay Connected over Invisible Staff lines
  • #277039: small staves incorrect bar lines
  • #289423: note-anchored line should connect notehead centers
  • #287839: Changes to scale of one staff can affect elements on other staves
  • #278314: Tremolo positioned incorrectly for small chords
  • #289312: More offsets that don't scale with staff size
  • #289211: Lyric hyphens are removed in last measure before a system break
  • #285535: clef change in one staff adds unnecessary spacing in other staves
  • #285605: Tenor Clef does not appear after repeat
  • #228531: Courtesy clefs don't appear on lines ending in repeat barlines
  • #289548: Some articulations are placed incorrectly far from the note


  • #286679: Piano keyboard display does not update when adding accidental using toolbar or palette
  • #287528: Side panels not dockable after being undocked and closed once
  • #288489: Style dialog shouldn't resize when left pane is hidden
  • #288528: After you change the pitch of a note that's tied, both tied notes end up selected
  • #280650: MuseScore 3.0 Plugin Creator Source Viewer line number display is truncated
  • Improved performance in Continuous view
  • #286500: Inspector: highlight buttons on mouse over
  • #288348: Optimize size of Play Panel when docked
  • #153006: Switch to the tab, if I try to open a file that's already open in MuseScore


  • #279131: Cannot add proper slur to grace notes when there are more than one
  • #288343: Selection lost on paste to single note
  • #289250: Tabbing in edit mode leaves hairpin
  • #287445: setting crescendo / diminuendo lines and hairpins position to below staff doesn't 'survive' save/close/reopen
  • #279245: Stacking order, autoplace not saved for generated stems
  • #139846: Leading space adjustment for generated elements lost on save/reload
  • #289293: Articulation and fret diagram min distance not saved
  • #289286: Figured bass properties not saved
  • #286001: Italic text appended to a dynamic not correctly imported
  • #284074: Vibrato style dialog not working?
  • #287613: Set to staff default only affects first selected barline
  • #119101: Wrong undo visibility change for dotted note, where note and dot have different visibiilities
  • #49856: Glissando not copied if destination staff has links
  • #287397: Can only select first staff while in Single page view
  • #289453: [Regression] Unable to start slur mode (within note input) one voice > 1 at end of measure
  • #284613: "Clef/key right margin" in Format>Style, Measure page, is ignored
  • #77396: Allow clef change after barline (for repeats)

Corruptions and/or loss of data, crashes

  • #282333: Crashing on lyric entry
  • #288865: Moving a key signature with Ctrl + Shift crashes the program
  • #288609: Crash when creating parts if a rest on a wrong staff after using cross-staff notation
  • #288802: Score causes crash on load, cross measure beam
  • #289067: Edit beam spanning two measures if shorter value in the other voice results in crash


  • #286882: Extreme slowdown in continuous view, depending on number of beamed notes

Fretboard diagrams

  • Add chord symbol support for fret diagrams and some small read/write fixes


  • #267856: Allow loading old .drm and .mss files