• nov 27, 2019 - 07:23

I try to setup a new partitur for brass band ant in the settings i chose b
but when i opend the score it start with ##
i can set it up to 2/ or 3/4 or 4/4 so some thing works fine


It sounds like your instrument is an Eb instrument, like an Eb Tuba. This is a transposing instrument and you must insert the concert pitch to have a transposing instrument show the desired key signature. In the case of an Eb instrument you add 3 #'s to or subtract 3 b's from the concert pitch key signature to get the transposed key signature. In your case you need to do a combination of the two. You subtract 1 b and add 2 #'s (for a total of 3) to get the key signature that will be displayed.

I hope this explanation helps. If you explain what you are doing, I can give hints to help you set up the score and enter it.

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