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• nov 23, 2020 - 16:05

Hello fellow Musescorians! I've become interested in attempting to write and experiment using Microtones and using the microtonal scale but I've yet to find it on Musescore. I was wondering if there are any Microtonal plugins for Musescore 3 for Windows? If there are, please link them in a comment, or if they're accessible on the software without a plugin, please describe how to do it. Thank you!


I write microtonal music for piano and notate it as "scordatura" piano, I mean, I write the keys that must be played, not the sounds. Do you guys know if there is any plugin that can convert a scordatura into an actual microtonal score according to a specific tuning? Thank you in advance.

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You mean the player plays his instrument as if it was regularly tuned but in the end the note produced differs from what is written ?

If so, I guess, that if you want a common detune for all the strings (e.g. F-C-G-D instead of G-D-A-E) you could manage this at the level of the staff property :
So here, if you write a A, it will sound as G.

(But you have only plain half notes, no microtonal here)

If you want to detune a the string level (e.g. G-D-A-E♭ instead of G-D-A-E), I don't see a way to do this.
Because MuseScore doesn't know on which string you are playing a certain ? Would it be on the 1st string and then it must be detuned, or on another string and then it must not be detuned. How could MuseScore know this ?

Imo, the best place to start is with 17/19 EDO, as these approximate the 12 EDO well without adding as many notes as 31 EDO (which can be overwhelming).

I wrote a plugin for MuseScore 4.x that tunes notes for 17 or 19, with customization supported

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