Quarter-tone alterations are ignored at playback

• jan 4, 2021 - 13:50

Simple and double alterations are played correctly.
But quarter-tone alterations are ignored, meaning that A three-quarter-tone flat is played as A.
At the best it should be played as a A three-quarter-tone flat. At the worst, as a A flat.

Sample file in annex.

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Quarter tones score-1.png 147.11 KB
Quarter tones score-1.mscz 7.13 KB


There are a lot of interpretations of the pitch of microtone and 1/4 tone accidentals so someone would complain about any option chosen by the programmers. There are several plugins that are designed to allow desired playback of accidentals at https://musescore.org/en/plugins. I haven't counted but my guess is that there are nearly 10 such plugins.

There is some infrastructure in the code, it does know the cent offset of many microtonal accidentals, but there's nothing to work on those.
Playing a three-quarter-tone flat as a plain flat would just be plain wrong though, and exactly by 50 cent.

There's a couple plugins that may be able to delt with this.

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