MuseScore für Bands

Diverse templates

Concert band, brass band, marching band, battery and pit percussion—ready out-of-the-box. (Plus big band for jazz.)

Linked parts...

Any change you make to any part is immediately reflected in the full score—and vice versa.

… and custom linked parts

You can even keep a drumline score linked to a full marching band score and to individual percussion parts.

One-click transposition

Instantly switch between transposed and concert pitch. Sounding pitches stay the same while the written notes change.

And more…

  • Full band sounds (including marching percussion)
  • Playback of almost all notation elements
  • Mixing and panning for individual parts
  • Style rules apply to the whole score at once
  • Total control of every score element’s position
  • Continuous View displays score as endless ribbon, with no layout breaks
  • Easy-to-use and customizable interface
  • Note entry via mouse, keyboard, or MIDI (including real-time)
  • Import from other music notation software via MusicXML
  • Share music online with
  • Send scrolling sheet music videos to YouTube
  • Rehearse on the go with MuseScore mobile apps
  • Full-featured desktop software free for Mac, Windows, and Linux