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• May 20, 2020 - 14:05

Hi. The reason for this topic is a notification i want to express (to the developers of MuseScore i suppose) about the correct way to write music for the Greek Bouzouki instrument. Inside the MuseScore when i start a new score for Bouzouki the program use as the default key the Treble clef 8va bassa. This is wrong!!! The right key for Bouzouki is the standard Treble clef just like the violin does!!!! I am from Greece, i am a music teacher, teaching the Greek 4-strings Bouzouki, and i am very sure about that. I hope to see this change in the future when there will be an update version of the software!!! Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. Thanks for your understanding.

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Dimitris Malinis, Musician


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No this is not a transposition! That's the regular, the normal, the correct writing!!! Most people confused it with the classical guitar way...this is not the same!! The middle C (C4) on piano is in the second string (A) in third fret in Bouzouki. the C5 is in the first string (D) in the 10th fret, the C6 is in the 22th fret. The highest note of Bouzouki is in the 27th fret the note F (F6 in piano) and we write it over the third line above the treble staff. The lowest note is the fourth string open, note C (the C3 on piano) written under the fourth line under the treble staff. The 3-course Bouzouki have one note less...the D3 is the lowest. , written on the fourth line under the treble stuff. The full note range of Greek Bouzouki is C3 to F6 in piano. I hope this was helpful for you and for the MuseScore developers also!

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I'm one of the MuseScore code contributors. I sent a PR (Pull Request, proposed code change) and one of the MuseScore GitHub admins merged it.
So it'll be in a development build now and also later in 3.5 Beta, once that happens

And no, it doesn't always work that fast ;-)

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Wow i am so impressed...so lucky!!!! I will be looking forward to see that clef change in the next version!!! Thank you very much!!! If i find any other issue or maybe think about a new suggestion for the program i 'm gonna tell you!!! By the way i am a Linux Mint user and that's the reason i start using MuseScore...When i was in Windows i used Finale instead for writing music for a very long time...maybe 12-13 years!! I just love MuseScore now, i am using it every day. Keep on the good work!!!

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