• May 6, 2014 - 21:49

I was writing my song, and I put in a repeat, but when I played it, it completely skipped the first ending, played the second while at the same time doing the repeat again!!! But after that, after it does the repeat the second time, when it hits the bar, it starts playing at the beginning!!!!!!!!!! If you don't understand, here is a link to the song: http://musescore.com/user/194842/scores/186448


The two end-repeat signs after Measure 34 have confused MuseScore. It doesn't know whether you want to jump back to Measure 30 or play the whole thing again. If you take out the penultimate end-repeat sign, change the Repeat property of Measure 34 to '3' it will play that section 3 times which is probably what you want.

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MuseScore looks voer your whole score to construct a "roadmap" before it begins playing. If anything it wrong anywhere, it won't be able to construct a valid roadmap, and playback will be messed up in surprising ways. So a missing or extra repeat in one part of the score can affect playback in totally different parts of the score.

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