How can I change instrument sounds on a different channel?

• Jun 14, 2020 - 04:51

I'm working on a piece and I would like the actual sound of the instrument to be changed from Violin, which is its standard sound, to palm muted guitar to simulate the sound of muting a note on a violin. If I change the instrument sound on the mixer, it would change for the entire staff. Is there any way I can change it for only one or two notes?


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Sooorta...when you change the instrument, changing the sound in the sound tab (labeled patch for you) doesn't do anything to the sound, even though I want a certain sound, not an instrument for that section. I sort of want it to work like how the pizzicato channel change works, but there are only 3 options, none of which is the sound I'm looking for. I might just settle on creating a new staff with its own sounds then just hiding that. Thanks for your help tho : )

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If you're not using one of those channels, you could use it for your purpose. After all, you can just select about any playback sound for that channel in the mixer as well. Just make sure to expand the track by pressing that arrow button in the top corner of the track.

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