Musescore and Bluetooth

• Jun 18, 2020 - 20:00

I have just bought some Bluetooth Headphones. They work perfectly with Youtube and play mp3 files through software such as Groove music perfectly again, but Musescore does not output to them. Why? Is there a fix?


Using bluetooth headphones/speakers: In some cases it might also work to toggle (i.e. press twice) the MIDI input button (looking like a 5-pin DIN connector) on the main toolbar or just restart MuseScore.

I would first pair the BT headphones with your computer's Bluetooth setup (as you've already done, since you've got them working with other apps). Then go to Musescore Preferences and click the I/O tab. Check the PortAudio checkbox. Your headset should appear in the Device dropdown. Select it there. Does this work?

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