Trouble with voltas

• Jul 17, 2020 - 11:52

Hi there,
I have a piece in which I need to repeat the verse three times. I've followed the instructions here
but no joy.
1) when I right click on the volta, I don't get a 'volta properties' dialog, but something called 'volta segment', which doesn't contain the option to change the text of the first time bar (eg from '1' to '1-2').
2) when I highlight the first time bar and use 'bar properties' to change the bar count from 2 to 3, and then 'apply', it doesn't change the number of repeats in playback. After playing the verse twice, the playback moves on to the next section.
What am I missing please?


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Hi Jeetee

In the enclosed score, I would like the verse between rehearsal letters B and C to repeat three times, going to the third time bar on the third occasion, obvs.

I was originally looking in a pdf handbook, as you thought, but have since followed your instructions/links.

I have managed to change the first, second time bar text, so thank you.

But the playback is still not right. I followed the instructions here But no joy. The section doesn’t even repeat once now, but on the very first playing jumps the third time bar and carries on.


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