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• Jul 24, 2020 - 06:37

I have a copyright song I am permitted to use but a problem has occurred for me in the chorus 2 verse chorus verse chorus: with lines and barlines. I'm not sure how to handle it to keep it on two pages. I cant just let it be known world wide so how can I send the example and keep their copyright.


It sounds as if you need to use repeats and voltas. There is some help in the handbook and it may be worth looking at wikipedia for more examples of using them.

If you still get stuck, create a dummy score or use an out-of-copyright song to demonstrate what you want - to me at least your "chorus 2 verse chorus verse chorus" is not clear enough.

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The song structures as chorus.
then two verses [repeat bar] and then
chorus and then
third verse
then chorus end. Does this help you understand the structure of the song?

I want it to repeat the first two verses then
a chorus
then go back to the third verse
and repeat chorus
I hope the notes I have included explain

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Please forgive me for joining in - I sometimes have to do something similar, and would like to learn how to do it properly.

@Jojo-Schmitz: maybe I'm misreading it but I don't understand your scheme. If A is the chorus and B the verse, then surely the OP is looking for A1 B1 B2 A2 B3 A3 Outro/Coda?

I've had several goes at the dummy file but even when I think it should work in theory I haven't been able to sort the playback out - see attachment. The instructions in the Handbook are too complicated for me at this time of night! There must be a way - I'm hoping someone will come up with the correct solution.

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You have the structure good. Well done. I'm sure voltas will help this and using repeat bars but not sure where and how. This is how the country singer sings this song in A1 B1 B2 A2 B3 A3 Outro/Coda?

I;'ve used repeat bars [sometimes works sometimes it doesn't come up to put in a number] and the end of start repeat. I believe this simple fix is working.

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