Help needed with multiple repeat sections

• Jul 25, 2020 - 18:26

Hello forum, I'm looking for some help with multiple repeat sections:

I have a score with two repeat sections (each with two voltas), and a jump "D.S. al capo" (requiring the "segnio", "to coda" and "coda" symbols). The latter works fine, the repeats do not.

I'm trying to accomplish the following sequence:
- measures 1-2
- 3-34 (first repeat section including first volta),
- 3-32 (first repeat section, up until beginning of second volta)
- 35-42 (second volta, which is also start of second repeat section, having its own first volta)
- 35-41 (second repeat section, before second volta)
- 43-67 (continued with second volta of second repeat section)
- 25-32 (jump to segnio, play until "to coda")
- 68-84 (continuing at coda)

What it actually does is this:
- the first parts are fine (the first four lines above), so 1-2, 3-34, 3-32, 35-42
- but instead of repeating the second repeat section and then continue with its second volta
- it repeats measure 42 (first volta of second repeat section)
- and then jumps to coda (measure 68)

I've retested without segnio / to coda / coda symbols => same effect.

Running the attached score on MuseScore 3.4.2

What's going on here?
What can I do to avoid this?

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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Not sure, but If I remember correct it's a known bug in MuseScore, I just can't find the corresponding bug report. The playback should be correct, if you delete the volta element in measure 35.

This will play back correctly once 3.5.1 is released.
The workaround currently is to set the "RepeatList" property for the 2nd volta of m35 to "1, 2" instead of just 2.

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