Chord Symbol Playback - Chord suffix list

• Aug 7, 2020 - 22:38

Dear All,

Congratulations for the handy feature of Chord Playback and Realize Chord Playback.

Is there a list of the accepted suffixes for this feature ?
I´m asking this because there are different conventions on the use of chord symbols, soem people use parentheses for the (9,11,13) extensions, some people use + and - meaning sharp and flat for altering the chords, etc. And some people realize that the an upper extension like 11 inplies the existence of a ninth, and so forth.

If you have a convention this would be handy instead of trial and error check.

Another nice thing would be a user editable dataset of chords (and maybe voicings/positions), so the users could built their own set of chord symbols and playback options.

Thanks a lot !

Great Job !

Congratulations !

Julio Herrlein


Thanks for the feedback!

It's actually not any sort of fixed list of acceptable suffixes. As is also the case for how we treat chord symbols for the purpose of display, transposition, and export to MusicXML, it's all handled by actually "reading" and "understanding" the chord symbol (the technical term is "parsing"). So even things that really no one in their right mind would ever type, we can understand - like C6(#8)sus.

Basically, any combinations of numbers, flats, sharps, and parentheses will be understood, as well as keywords like sus, alt, add, and no. For "major", we understand M, Maj, maj, Ma, ma, and triangle (specified with "t" or "^"). For "minor" we understand m, mi, min, or -. Augmented can be aug or +, diminished can be dim or o, half-diminished is 0.

For a little more (but mostly less) info, see the section on chord symbols in the Handbook.

As I said elsewhere, it is fortunate that it interprets anything else as "silence", for I used the Chord Symbol facility for Romans before the actual Romans arrived.

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