"line" crash

• Jan 8, 2010 - 10:24

after the last ubuntu karmic updating there has been some changes in the way mscore 9.5 works. Selected notes are now shown in a green box with a red cross.....but it went on working, until I found that adding any "line" (such as slur, crescendo..) crash the system.

So I tried 9.6, from
but found there is a note head bug in this version, which is "fixed in rev. 2486", see

but I'm not able to find how to get this version, or a later one.....

but of course if there is some work-around in the 9.5, ta have it able to draw lines, it would be better....

thanks for any help (I'm in a hurry to print on next wednesday.....)


indeed. I launch mscore en debug mode from a terminal in order to try to understand why sometimes sound or copy/paste availability disappeaurs.

By the way where is the file (if any) created by the debugging.

Anyway this has apparently nothing to do with the"inserting a line"-crash........wrong! It has.

The "inserting a line" crash occurs when using "mscore -d"

is that a bug or not? I'm not able to take a decision about

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