Stage map mixer idea

• Oct 12, 2020 - 12:53

It would be practical and intuitive if Musescore had a "stage map" mixer. In other words, a mixer where I could arrange the instruments on a virtual stage (left, right, front, back). So far it is only an imprecise idea that could be refined.
From my point of view it should be an additional mixer and not replace the existing one.
Stage Mixer.png
The idea:
There is a map "virtual stage" in the upper area. In this area the instruments are arranged in the middle, or even further right or left, depending on where they should appear in the stereo picture. The panning of the instruments is done as if they were arranged right or left. (An idea for instruments that should appear at the same place is still missing. Overlay?)
Besides an icon in the upper map a small volume bar appears to adjust the volume quickly and easily.
Below the map the instructors are arranged again to make it easy to use the map by keyboard. By double clicking on the instrument (top of the map or bottom of the bar doesn't matter) the setting field for the selected instrument appears. There you can edit all the settings for the instrument, like Midi, Mute Solo, Volume, Name etc. (here you could also integrate Kontakt Player)
Mute instruments are greyed out and solo instruments are red.
If an instrument is selected in the lower bar, you could jump to the same instrument in the 2D map by a key combination in order to move the instrument there with the arrow keys.
A rough preview without details could look like this. More ideas and thoughts?


Thanks for creating this thead! As I said in the Mixer for MuseScore 4 discussion, this idea is very interesting and is definitely something that we should consider doing. However, this should be in addition to a conventional mixer, not as a replacement.

It would be really cool to drag instruments around a 2D "concert hall" to arrange them how you want, and then have the audio pan adjusted automatically to make instrument sounds come from those directions. There could even be a delay added to the left or right channel so the sound arrives in one ear slightly before the other, and varying degrees of reverb for a more convincing illusion.

I like to read about suggestions for improvements, but I would also like to see to keep in mind the accessibility thereby.

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Possibly there could also be a "one window mode".
Stage MixerStage Mixer V2 (1).png
Accessibility is here I think well realisable. With the instrument names on the left side (or first design below) the instruments can be selected, with a key combination or Enter you could get to the settings. Possibly there could also be a key combination to move an instrument that is selected in the bar on the stage by arrow keys.

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