Copy/paste selection filter

• Oct 17, 2020 - 20:44

Hi all,
I want to copy/paste the notes of one measure to other measures.
In order to not copy dynamics and staff text, I unchecked both in the selection filter.
However, the paste deletes the values in the destination measures.
Imho, that should not be.
Did I do anything wrong?
Thanks for your ideas.


When you unselect certain items in the selection filter you should be able to copy only what you leave selected. If I highlighted a measure with notes, text, and hairpins and I unselected text and hairpins, when I copy and paste you should get just the notes. What do you mean by the pasted notes deleting the values in the measure?

There are some problems with leaving staff text and hairpins in a destination. They are anchored to a note. So, if you have a staff text in the destination that is attached to beat 2 and paste only a whole note into a 4/4 measure (very simplified example) there is no note on beat 2 to attach the text. If you attach a text to each 8th note in a measure (which is possible) and you paste a whole note into the measure, how do you keep all of the texts? which ones are important and which aren't? Staff text is one of the things that won't survive a paste. Hairpins are also anchored on actual note so they have the same limitation along with articulations.

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