Adding instruments flawed in 3.6a

• Nov 18, 2020 - 04:42

I created a new score based upon the classical orchestra. I added the piccolo and it worked correctly.

When I added a violin, it was added to the end of the instrument list

I made it Soloist and it was moved to the top of the strings, but the list of strings became

Vlns II
Vlns I

Selecting a violin from the list and adding a violin should put the new instrument with the rest of the violins. Making it a soloist should put it at the top of the strings and leave the others in their original order.

I then reordered the strings using the arrows that were moved to the other side of the score list and added a mandolin as soloist and the strings once again reversed order except the solo violin stayed above the others.

When adding an existing instrument, like D horn or A trumpet to my score where I had already changed pitches on the instruments, the new instruments were added to the group of instruments first rather than last as expected. For example, I had

A Trumpet

selected timpani from the orchestra listing and A trumpet from the instrument list on the left and the new A trumpet was added first. You wouldn't think this is any issue at all, but I had already edited the existing instrument so it would be listed first.

A similar thing happened when I added a horn.

Another problem, the snare drum is automatically added before the horns rather than immediately after the timpani.


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