Realtime MIDI Recording/Transcription

• Nov 18, 2020 - 22:37

It would be great to have a realtime transcription tool. I am a pianist and I always play (in tempo) what I write.
For pianists like me, it's a HUGE time saver!
I really fell in love with Musescore, but not being able to record to a click (steady click) is a deal breaker for me and probably a lot of people.

But I am sure you guys will figure this one out! The hard work has already been done, great job, software looks great!


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You can only play legato notes, no rests. So, it is not usable if yoy want to play a rhythmic bass line, with lots of rests and syncopations. My view of the solution is to add a total realtime mode, where you hit record, listen to a bar or two for contoff, and then just play to a click, as you would do in any sequencer. Encore, Finale and Sibelius do that. My guess is that it is easier to program something like this, than whats is already there (semi-realtime).

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I wrore to the musescore team, formalizing my suggestion:

"First of all, congrats an the program, it looks great.

Is there a way to record MIDI notes in "total realtime" way, the way other softwares do? What I mean by total is to have 1 measure count off, and then have the click going, so I can play rhythmically and melodically.

I am very used to sequencing MIDI parts.

Thank you in advance.


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What is possible is what is explained in the article linked above. It's kind of close to that, but not completely. MuseScore was never designed for real-time input, and it's actually not a very efficient way of entering notation, since the amount of guesswork involved in figuring out how to assign notes to staves and to voices within each staff, to decipher rhythms, and even just to spell accidentals normally would result in almost unreadable music. But, if you wish to try, simply record into a sequencer, then save to a standard MIDI file, and import that into MuseScore.

Adding to Marc's excellent suggestion and to get a more "readable" transcribed clip in Musescore: after you record your clip into your sequencer, quantize this clip and export it to Musescore making sure that the quantized beat duration is the same in both your sequencer and Musescore. In other words, if you used a quantized setting of an eighth note in your sequencer, use that same setting in Musescore after you import your clip into Musescore and hit "Apply". Also, changing the number of voices to 1 before you hit "Apply" seems to help, as well.

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