Midi to Musescore

• Dec 11, 2020 - 23:07

Hi every one, I'm writing a piece for a friends birthday and I originally wrote it in a daw (Digital audio workstation) I was to lazy to actually write it in musescore. So what i want to do is import it into musescore, so I put the midi file into musescore, and it did it, but musescore made the score harder and put a lot of things I don't want. It keeps switching from baseclef to treble clef and i really don't want that. I have put a screen shot of my piece right here to show what it looks like right now. If you could, please help.



My previous comment seems to have gone lost somehow(?)

When you import a MIDI file, one of the options on the import panel (which you can open as well by pressing that "show" button at the bottom of your screen) is to allow clef changes (checked by default).

[EDIT] and the original comment is back.. midnight mysteries :)

There are possibly fancy settings that refine how MusesScore imports midi but I am not familiar with them as I only ever use the PC keyboard to input notes. One thing you could try for your score would be to right-click on one of the clef changes, Select All Similar Elements and press [Del].

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