Problem with tie

• Jan 13, 2010 - 17:27

Muse Score prerelease 0.9.6 Version 2269
Macbook Pro OS 10.5.8

I was trying to tie two notes. I could not create the tie with the + sign of the laptop keyboard or any combination of function keys and the + sign. When I plugged in an external keyboard and used the + sign on the numeric keypad I was able to get the tie.


Jeff Fine


In reply to by David Bolton

In the Mac OS downloads, I see r2451 as the latest MacOS revision. Is 2482 later than this and is it available for download?

As an aside. Are you expecting to add a feature for irregular key signatures, so that you can choose to add or substract #'s and flats to/from standard key signatures or simply create and arbitrary key signature?


Jeff Fine

In reply to by jfineny…|Prereleases] come out ever few weeks probably one is due out soon. I was using a nightly build on Windows. Right now we don't have any volunteers for creating nightly builds on Mac.

Non-standard key signatures are actually another feature that was added very recently (probably after the prerelease you are using). It is available via Create > Key Signatures.

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