problem with transopsition with keys

• Jun 17, 2014 - 10:11

I think it is a known issue

I took the Promenade example

I took measure 7 and copied it twince in two different mesure.
selectionning all the note and doing with the keybord three times up change interval between notes.
I explain : the first note first F change to G# ok
the second from G change to B (b with the alterations in the key signature).

other notes have the same problem in the same passage. It is the same probleme with tranposition by keyboard in 1.3

earing it is right but teorically wrong, in should be A# (ok, it would be a modulation without key signature changes) because betwwen F and G it is a second Major, and between G# and the second note it should also be a second major.

Doing it with transposition by interval and selectionning the right one "Seconde augmentée" (sorry i'm French, it is the one just after "Major Second") it is right.

I also tried the same earing transposition but with third instead of second (so Minor Third) and both with key arrow and interval transposition it works . (and as the sheet is with b it would be "easier" to have other b instead of #). But I think it isn't a matter of alteration but a matter of interval with arrow keys ... am I right ?

On the picture attached :
1st measure is with transposition interval Minor Third
2nd mesure is with arrow key transposition 4 times
3rd mesure is with transposition interval Augmented (?) Second
4th measure is with arrow key transposition 3 times
5 th measure is the original ;)

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Are you talking about an experimental nightly build? if so, better to post in the Technology Preview forum, or just file an issue if there isn't one already. And in either case, say which build specifically you are using. Transposition has been a very volatile area of code over the past few months.

The behavior of up & down arrows has changed intentionally between 1.3 and 2.0. 2.0 tries to be be more aware of signature, and it also allows for the possibiltiy of Cb, B#, etc. So there will be some times where you'll see differences - where the spelling of intervals between the notes is not preserved. For instance, just hitting up arrow once in that measure, you see the first note changes from F to F#, as it did in 1.3 and as you would probably expect, but the third note changes from D to Eb rather than from D to D#. D# really doesn't make sense in the key of Bb - at least, not very often. So most of the time, this is the expected behavior, but it does mean the interval between first and third note has changed in spelling.

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