Importing from Personal Composer Files

• Jan 2, 2021 - 14:45

I have lots of old Personal Composer files that I would like to open in musescore. Is this possible please and, if so, how do I do it? Many thanks in advance.


I did a search on the web for some discussions on how to export to musicxml or xml (both of which MuseScore can open using File->Open from the menu). It sounds as though the demo does not do this but at some point but not always the full blown program did.

Someone else suggested that you save a .nif file and open it in a program called Lime (which I didn't further research).

These discussions are on the page For the xml discussion search for xml on the page and for the export to .nif files, search for .nif or Lime and you'll see where they are discussed.

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Two routes that worked for me:-
a) if you have a .mid (Midi) version of your Personal Composer file, Musescore will open it directly using File | Open
b) The demo version of Personal Composer can print the score to a PDF, then use File | Import PDF in Musescore

These work well for simple tunes; the complex Beethoven piano score on Pers Comp opening screen is read tolerably well, but will need correction after import.

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If you have the Personal Composer installation CD and product key, the full product will install on Windows XP (but not Win 7 or 10). First disable WiFi to prevent exposure to XP vulnerabilities.

I used an old laptop running Win XP and it installed my 8 stave version 2.0 without issues. Next, I copied some test .pc files from my main PC to a memory stick, plugged it into the laptop and opened one with Personal Computer, where I could edit it and save it to the memory stick as both a .pc and Export it it as a .mid file. The full version 3.x of PersComp should allow export to XML, though I've not tried this.

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