No sound

• Jun 19, 2014 - 05:17


This is the first problem I have had with MuseScore in two years of fairly intensive use, and I have no idea what has happened.

It worked yesterday, but not today. No sound from my files or from any of the demos.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled MuseScore, but no go. Music files and video play as normal, so my sound system is O.K.

I am running an ASUS laptop with Linux Mint 17 MATE and it all worked fine until yesterday when I booted up, opened an in-progress sheet and no sound.

Any ideas?


1. Does MuseScore 'look' like it's playing - that is, does the cursor move across the score?
2. Is the volume in the Play Panel (the shortcut is: F11) turned up?
3. Does a soundfont show in the Synthesizer? (Menu item: Display / Synthesizer - where you should see an entry with an .sf2 file extension in the Soundfont box.

Ultimately, you might consider:
(which is mentioned in Shoichi's link.)


Thanks guys.

Now I feel real dumb, I missed the most important bit.

Reset to factory settings fixed it. How the path to Instrument List in Menu item Edit>Preferences>General became so corrupted I have no idea, I've never even looked at it before this.

Once again, thanks.

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