Import of MXL doesn't generate a title frame

• Jan 24, 2021 - 17:05

Musescore 3.6 (from source) on Debian Stretch.

I'm looking at the Wikifonia archive to investigate how much work would be involved in a
a bulk conversion. I'm expecting there to be too many exceptions to make it possible without serious manual intervention but it's worth looking and, in the process, I'll report anything that seems wrong.

Initially, importing either of the attached files doesn't create a header frame. 3.2.3 creates a frame with a title but doesn't include the composer or lyricist. 3.6 doesn't create anything. It looks like there has been some regressions.

Example files attached.

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If you are looking to convert to MuseScore .mscz files, or even pdf files, check out:
You must realize, though, that Wikifonia scores reflect a variety of proficiency in music notation.
Some omit composer/lyricist, some omit proper key signatures with the resultant use of (unnecessary) accidentals. According to that forum post, the .mscz archive in the link were scrubbed of chord symbols entered as text and replaced with recognizable/transposable substitutes.

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Thank you, I didn't know about that partial conversion. I've been using the Wikifonia archive for many years and am familiar with the inconsistencies, inaccuracies and outright errors. However, it's often a very good start to a score and I find it an invaluable resource - so much so that I think others should also benefit from it.

I'm pretty sure some more tidying up could be automated and the whole lot imported into the MuseScore database.

The shouldn't detract from the problems I'm reporting in this post though.

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