Text in tempo marking not changed by load style

• Feb 1, 2021 - 18:06

I'm finding that loading a saved style that tries to set all text as Times New Roman doesn't change text in the Tempo Marking field.

This example score was generated by starting out with all the defaults, then applying a test style I saved with the only option as setting the Tempo Marking field to Times New Roman. After loading that style, the Tempo Marking field is still Edwin.

This is especially a problem for me I've gotten used to putting instructions like "Lively" as text after the little note and number in the Tempo Marking field. Maybe I should have been using System Text instead, but I find it convenient add such instructions in the Tempo Marking field, MuseScore allows this, and I can't find anything in the Handbook that says I shouldn't do it, so it seems like free text in the Tempo Marking field ought to be affected by a loaded style just like any other text. But I have other scores where I use a style to try to change all text to Times New Roman, and it seems to work for everything but Tempo Marking.

I know there are other ways to change the Tempo Marking font, but it would be vastly easier if it could be done with a load style like other text fields.
Test for TNR temp marking.mscz


Tempo markings with notes already have a mixture of fonts because the note comes from a different font than the text. So you'd normally have to "Remove Custom Formatting" via the Inspector.

On the chance that this is somehow related, I notice that tempo markings with mixed fonts also don't get modified when you open an older score in MS 3.6 and change to Edwin via the "Would you like to try our improved score style?" dialog. (A simple "Andante" does get updated.)

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