Hide SOME measures of an instrument, not the whole instrument.

• Feb 14, 2021 - 23:21

I looked in the manual but couldn't find anything about this. Is there a way of hiding some measures of an instrument without hiding the whole instrument. Also, it would be great if the page self-adjusted on the pages with the hidden instrument as if the instrument did not exist rather than leaving a space where the instrument would go. I know you can hide ALL the measure of an instrument, but I don't know how to hide just some measures. Also, I know you can hide blank measures, but doing that will randomly hide measures. I want a little more control over what measures get hidden. I may want to hide measures 1 - 10 that are blank/empty, while not hiding 11 - 20 that ALSO are blank/empty.


Then the solution would be to use "hide empty staves" option that hides all entries and use a transparent staff text (for example) to force other measure that you still want to show up to do so.

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It's something many of us would like to see, and MuseScore 4 would be a good time to finally consider it. Most likely, though, there is already an issue for this, so I'd do a search first and just add a comment.

FWIW, though, I'm not sure any solution developed would likely be that much more elegant, probably it would just be a new thing in the palette you add to measures you don't want hidden. So really just a pre-defined element like the invisible text idea that set some property on the measure, kind of like how breaks work now. I can't really see how it could be made much simpler - you still need to select the measures you want affected and click something to affect them, so it's the same few seconds of work either way.

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I tried to use invisible text to keep an empty measure visible on my score as suggested, but musescore still treated that measure as empty. Same when putting in invisible rests. I had to actually put in an invisible note for the measure to be 'shown'. Not the end of the world, but annoying for MIDI playback. Any idea why this is happening? I can't get text to set a property on the measure...

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